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Created: Friday, April 4, 2008 11:56:54 AM Central Time
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Proper diet and nutrition are among the most vital aspects of daily life in assuring good health and overall quality of life for an aging loved one. Tell us anonymously which of these food and nutrition issues best describes your situation as an elder-caregiver:
I fear that my aging loved one is not eating the proper foods for good nutrition
I have difficulty finding time in my schedule to help with daily food selection and preparation
I would like to locate a dependable non-government service to deliver tasty, nutritious meals to my elderly loved one
I need help identifying foods that are best suited to my loved one’s medical conditions
I need to know how certain foods interact with the medications taken by my elderly loved one
I want to feel more confident that my loved one can still safely and confidently work in their kitchen
Other? Enter here...
Total: 242 responses

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